Simply Enrolment is a solution that will guide you through the workplace pensions reform (Auto Enrolment) legislation. The earlier you start, the more cost effective our solution is for you.

Our Step by Step Programme of Information

We have collated many sources of information and worked with the Pensions Regulator to simplify the process and break it down into manageable steps.

Simply Enrolment - Auto Enrolment
Simply Enrolment - Auto Enrolment

Who is it for?

Auto Enrolment will affect all employers in the UK. From 2014 a staggering 1.1 million companies will be required to review their existing pension arrangements or implement new schemes.

Our solution is predominantly aimed at employers who have no pension arrangement in place, are not being accepted by their current provider or looking for a quality alternative to NEST.  We provide a cost effective, compliant DIY solution that guarantees to accept all levels of business.  It is ideal for employers who want to avoid any issues with the capacity crunch and be prepared early to avoid fines. The earlier you sign up, the more cost effective our solution is for you!

However, complying with the Auto Enrolment rules requires employers do much more than simply make a pension plan available. They must carry out worker assessments, issue employee communications, keep records of payments, opt outs, opt ins and lots more besides.

Those who already have a scheme in place should check to make sure that it meets the criteria of a qualifying scheme.  We recommend that they consult their qualified regulated Adviser to do this. Alternatively, employers who do not have an Adviser should look at the Advice & Guidance section above for contact details of our partner who can help.


We help you become Auto Enrolment compliant. Simply.