Simply Enrolment is designed to be a self administered, DIY solution for Auto Enrolment compliance only. If you require more specialist advice or guidance then our partners can help you.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

*6 months from your staging date your monthly cost increases

Typical Example

A company has 19 employees and is 15 months from their staging date:

Initial Fee: £495
Initial monthly cost: £11.75
Ongoing monthly cost: £29.75
(from 6 months out)

How to Calculate Your Price

  1. Find out your staging date (opens in a new window)
  2. Calculate how many months away you are from your staging date to get your initial fee
  3. From 18 months to 6 months you pay £11.75 per month
  4. At 6 months from your staging date your monthly cost depends on the number of employees you have

We help you become Auto Enrolment compliant. Simply.