Auto Enrolment will affect all employers in the UK. Starting from 2014, a staggering 1.1 million companies will be required to review their existing pension arrangements or implement new schemes. This has led to concerns around capacity as mainstream pension providers will be unable support the level of demand. This “capacity crunch” or the “tsunami of schemes” as it has been dubbed, poses a very real risk to employers who are not adequately prepared ahead of their staging date.

The Affects of the Capacity Crunch

Despite the fact the mainstream pension providers are actively looking to increase their capacity, the harsh reality of the situation is they will not be in a position to help everybody. Indeed, a number are picking and choosing what business they will accept. This is based on a number of factors including time to staging date, types of workforce, size of your company and the level of contributions into the scheme.

The end result is that employers will be scrambling about looking for help, which is likely to come at a premium. They may also be forced in to poor quality, last minute solutions, some may miss their staging date completely leading to additional costs in the form of fines.

Capacity Crunch

The good news is; we can help.

Our solution is designed to help you avoid all these issues and put plans (including a pension scheme) in place well in advance of your staging date. By acting now, we can help save you money further down the road as your staging date approaches. The further you are away from your staging date, the more cost effective our solution is. The Auto Enrolment qualifying workplace pension provider, will accept your company regardless of timescales, type of workforce, size of company and contribution levels.


We help you become Auto Enrolment compliant. Simply.