We are delighted to launch our do-it-yourself Auto Enrolment solution for employers. After many months of sweat and tears (thankfully no blood was shed) our website is live and we can’t wait to help employers of all sizes prepare for the Auto Enrolment legislation.

We have developed Simply Enrolment to help employers deal with a number of key areas:


This is an issue for many thousands of businesses. There are many Advisers and consultancies delivering excellent Auto Enrolment support to businesses all over the country however the fees associated with some of these propositions can be prohibitive for companies. This is particularly true at the smaller end of the market i.e. the traditional SME sector. Simply Enrolment is designed to allow companies to work towards compliance by themselves (with the option of guidance and advice if and when required) to help them to keep the cost down. Furthermore, we have priced the solution so that employers who are proactive and get prepared early, benefit from reduced fees but also peace of mind knowing that they are avoiding the resource issues that are already affecting the industry.

Resource Issues

It has been billed as the ‘capacity crunch’ or you may have heard the term ‘tsunami of schemes’ mentioned. Many within the industry are predicting serious issues in terms of resource in catering for the sheer volume of new pension schemes that need to be set up. The traditional big name providers are already turning business away so these fears are being realised already. You can find out more about the ‘capacity crunch’ and the numbers involved here. Simply Enrolment has been designed to help employers avoid these issues by setting up an Auto Enrolment Qualifying Pension scheme in advance of their staging date and only making it “live” when it is required as the staging date approaches. Our pension partner has guaranteed to accept all businesses in to the scheme, no matter the size, industry or nature of workforce.


Auto Enrolment is a complex piece of legislation, the responsibilities placed on employers far exceed simply setting up a pension scheme for your workers. Our resources take you through the legislation piece by piece explaining as simply as possible what you must do and when you need to do it by. Much of the information is for educational purposes, as technology takes away many of the more complex and onerous administration tasks . We do feel that it is important that employers understand the legislation in its entirety, as ultimately the responsibility for compliance lies with the employer.

You can find out more about how Simply Enrolment works here.  If you would like to find out more then please drop us a note here and we will arrange for a member of our team to get back you.