A Master Trust is an occupational pension scheme that allows non-associated employers to join and form part of a large group. It is designed to be very simple, give ‘economies of scale’ and the only employer requirements are to “adhere” to the Trust, and of course pay the contributions. The Master Trust provider undertakes all of the administration, the Trustee services and the investment services.

The mechanics are that a “sub trust” is set up specifically for each “participating” employer, which will normally bear the company name. It also establishes the scheme and allows the respective groups of employees to join and pay regular monthly contributions alongside their employer. Employers sign a single application, known as a “deed of adherence”, in which they agree to be bound by the rules of the scheme and provide accurate staff data. After that, the administrator takes over and sets up the scheme records.

It is for these reasons that more employers are turning to a specialist Qualifying Workplace Pension Supplier provider who will accept contributions of any size.


Why use a Master Trust Pension?

The essence of a Master Trust is to reduce employer administration (and therefore cost) and to provide members with easy access to information to help them save for their retirement.

As the capacity crunch takes hold, many companies that have taken it upon themselves to find a suitable pension scheme frequently have difficulty in finding a traditional provider who can help. Low contributions and high staff turnover often make schemes unattractive and non-profitable to these providers.

In addition, Corpad will provide a certificate to employers NOW confirming that they will accept the Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme regardless of the level of contributions or how many workers will join, irrespective of how far they are away from staging date.

This gives companies peace of mind to know that everything will be in place and on time to ensure compliance. It will also reduce future higher consultancy fees that will no doubt apply as thousands of companies will all be striving to achieve the same thing at the same time.


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