Middleware is software that sits between payroll and the pension provider that costs a fraction of what it would take to employ someone to do the many administrative tasks required by the Auto Enrolment legislation. It takes away the additional workload, reduces the chance of error, gives companies peace of mind and allows them to concentrate on their core business.


Why is Middleware is so Important to Employers?

There have been many articles in the Financial Press regarding the amount of work involved for an employer in order to achieve compliance under the new Pensions Regulations. It is a fact that both in the planning stage for Auto Enrolment and beyond, employers will have to spend a considerable amount of time and money to ensure that they get this right.

It makes sense to have both the middleware and the pension in the same place. One less part of the process to worry about.

Our Middleware – A Different Approach

We have taken a different approach to supplying Auto Enrolment middleware in that the end user i.e. the employer does not have to operate it. We have removed the onus so that businesses no longer have to worry about installing new software or learning and training staff to use it. This is all managed in house by the pension provider so the only thing an employer has to do is send the necessary data to them on an ongoing basis.

Simply Enrolment offer Middleware that:-

  • Assesses the workforce
  • Creates an assessment report
  • Creates communications for all employees
  • Takes account of changes that have occurred in each pay period
  • Fully integrates into the Pension system (no data formatting issues)
  • Produces contribution report
  • Produces all reports for the Pensions Regulator
  • Stores all data and information relating to Auto Enrolment
  • Removes concerns about backup of data as it is all managed centrally
  • Takes account of Legislation Changes and Software Updates as it is managed centrally
  • Operates as a cloud based service
  • Has a Data Centre that conforms to ISO 27001
  • Gives a single view of Auto Enrolment and all compliance matters

We help you become Auto Enrolment compliant. Simply.